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Get up to speed now. Learn accounting, not just the software.

We teach accounting and the reasons behind the tasks, not just software skills.

We bring together:

  • Our QuickBooks skills
  • Our Accounting logic
  • Our Business experience

QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisors affiliated with QuickBooksTexas have at least two years certification in the most recent versions of QuickBooks accounting products.QuickBooksTexas refers professionals that train on and support all versions of QuickBooks, with experience across many industries. QuickBooksTexas professional trainers do not use canned tutorials or courseware.

  • Your System
  • Your Office
  • Your Books
  • Your Staff


Find qualified help, part- or full-time.

  • We bring experienced and qualified bookkeeping staff to your organization
  • Full- or part-time, on- or off-site
  • Temporary or permanent assistance

Job Seekers

Looking for assignments?

Are you willing to take a test of your accounting logic and QuickBooks skills to be used for ranking your indicated qualifications for possible QuickBooksTexas client employment or contract services work? Contact us.

  • Experienced QuickBooks users wanted
  • Gain from the insight and experience of other successful candidates and professional accountants working with QuickBooks
  • We can match you with a business who needs YOUR experience and provide support along the way

“Before C.B., I kept track of our restaurant, gas station and feed store by hand. With 40+ employees, it left little time to analyze and manage business. He computerized and automated things enough with QuickBooks and other programs that I was able to spend more valuable time out on the floor with my customers.”

Barbee Reager, Owner Frio Canyon Restaurant, Feed Store and Exxon